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FOLK REMEDIES FOR PENIS ENLARGEMENT - PROVEN RECIPESFolk remedies for penis enlargementNot every man is happy with the size of his genital organ. Often, representatives of the stronger sex believe that nature has offended them by not presenting at least a 17-centimeter penis. And since the average size of the penis is "only" 13 cm, there are a lot of dissatisfied people.
The cardinal method of solving the problem - surgery - repels the likelihood of complications. Special devices (vacuum pump or extender) are difficult to handle and require a certain amount of money. Massage and exercise are time consuming. But penis enlargement with folk remedies seems like a good, cheap and safe idea.
PENIS ENLARGEMENT BY BEESApitherapy is considered a painful, but the most effective old remedy. With the help of bee venom, you can achieve an increase in the size of the penis.Important! This method can only be used by those men who are not allergic to bee venom.With the help of bee stings, you can carry out a penis enlargement procedure at home ׃take a dense plastic bag and place a bee in it;carefully so that the insect does not fly out, the genital organ is pushed into the bag;after the bee has bitten, it is necessary to remove the sting.The penis will enlarge just before our eyes if this procedure is carried out two or three times a week. The number of bees can be increased, but it should not exceed 10 individuals.
You can get used to the painful sensations, but you will see the result after a couple of months. Bee venom has many beneficial properties. Erection is restored thanks to bee stings ׃a stream of blood rushes into the place where the sting of the insect has pierced;under the influence of the injected poison, vasodilation occurs.The method of penis enlargement by bees provides a long and lasting erection.
THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OF THIS METHODThis method has contraindications only in case of individual intolerance to bee venom. For other men, he is practically harmless.
PENIS ENLARGEMENT MASSAGEMassages, which are used alone or in combination with other folk methods of enlarging the intimate organ, give a good result.That is why they are so popular with men. It must be remembered that if the penis is massaged incorrectly, it can be seriously injured.
Therefore, before starting therapy, it is advisable to carefully familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the procedure.Before starting a massage, you need to prepare your penis. To do this, just wrap it with a cloth or towel soaked in warm water for 2-3 minutes. A warm compress will increase blood flow to the genitals, making it more responsive to the procedure. To achieve the best result, it is required to apply the compress to the organ several times.
Upon completion of the preparatory stage, you can proceed to the massage. Next, you need to adhere to the following scheme:It is necessary to take a comfortable position of the body, it is best to lie on your back.After that, with your right hand, you need to squeeze the head and pull it back a short distance.In this position, it is necessary to fix the organ for about 5 minutes. Then you need to repeat the whole procedure. It is required to gradually pull the penis in different directions.The procedure, which is designed to stretch and enlarge the intimate organ, is recommended to be performed several times a week. All manipulations must be done gradually and very carefully, since there is a great risk of damaging the tissues of the penis.
This home method will increase male dignity by a few centimeters in 2-3 months.HERBS FOR PENIS ENLARGEMENTThe use of special herbal infusions will help to increase blood flow to the penis rather quickly. As a result, the size of the male genital organ will increase significantly. With the help of herbs, you can achieve good results in enhancing an erection. The most effective effect is exerted by ׃ginseng;celery root;hawthorn fruit;cilantro;parsley.You can also achieve a significant increase in the penis with thyme. The tincture is prepared like this ׃
dry grass is thoroughly crushed;put the thyme in a saucepan, pour 200 g of boiling water;insist;consume twice a day after meals.A few more recipes for penis enlargement with herbs.Take the dried roots, leaves and flowers of the hawthorn. Grind thoroughly. Then one tablespoon of the resulting mixture is poured with two glasses of boiling water. They insist and drink instead of tea. Consume for three to four weeks.The ginseng root will help not only restore male strength, increase the male genital organ, but also awaken desire in him. The root is cut into small pieces. Then placed in a three-liter jar with alcohol. They insist for two weeks, after which they take 50 grams three times a day.Dried rose hips are placed in a thermos. Pour boiling water over and then insist for 5-8 hours. Take as a drink for a month.The main advantages of popular recipes for herbal infusions for penis enlargement ׃
can be purchased at a pharmacy at an affordable price;harmless to health;provide a long lasting effect;using herbal tinctures and decoctions, you can achieve a stable result.CONS OF FOLK RECIPESYou cannot get results instantly. We'll have to be patient and wait a few months.Important! Herbs can cause allergic reactions. Also, some chronic diseases exclude the use of decoctions and infusions from the fruits and leaves of plants.
penis enlargement extenderHERBAL PREPARATIONS AND INFUSIONSInfusion of ephedra with peppermint. For this recipe, you will need ephedra tincture and peppermint, either dried or fresh. Pour one tablespoon of these ingredients with a glass of boiling water, let it brew for an hour, and then strain. The resulting mixture has tonic and stimulating properties. Monitor your dosage carefully so you don't get the opposite effect.Tincture of motherwort and valerian. One teaspoon of each substance must be mixed with a glass of boiling water. This mixture will help strengthen the nervous system and help cope with stress.Hop decoction. This remedy can be taken both inside and used for baths - such a decoction will perfectly relax the muscles after doing exercises to enlarge the penis and help the tissues of the organ to recover.Infusions of calendula and yarrow, when used externally, will help soothe tissues and accelerate skin regeneration. In this recipe, 2 tablespoons of the tincture must be diluted in half a liter of boiling water and the mixture must be cooled.Golden root or penny. This natural remedy is perfect for strengthening erections and increasing libido. One tablespoon of a penny must be dissolved in a liter of boiling water and left overnight. You need to take it once a day in the amount of half a glass before a meal.Blooming Sally. This tasty and healthy drink is an excellent substitute for the usual black tea and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended that you drink at least one cup of this herbal tea a day.SODA WITH HONEYAnother popular recipe for penis enlargement, which allows you to dramatically increase blood flow to the genitals, and also has the ability to relieve pain and improve the condition of blood vessels.
The recipe is as follows:Soda and honey must be mixed in a 1: 2 ratio;Apply the resulting mixture to, for example, a bandage or gauze bandage and apply to the phallus;Next, you need to put on a plastic bag on the penis and fix it with tape or adhesive plaster;This compress must be left for 10 minutes, after which the mixture must be washed off.It is advisable to carry out this procedure before bedtime; the course consists of seven such complexes.
Take precautions: the baking soda should not be on the skin for too long, otherwise it can irritate and damage the skin. In addition, before applying such a compress, it is advisable to conduct a sensitivity test: the prepared mixture of soda and honey must be applied to the inside of the elbow and wait about half an hour. If during this time the skin does not turn red, no irritation has arisen on it, then the procedure for applying a compress can be carried out. Also, do not forget that honey is one of the most allergenic components - in case of intolerance to honey and honey-containing products, we recommend that you refuse such a recipe.
APITOXIN THERAPYapitoxin therapy for penis enlargementWe are talking about the poison obtained from bee stings. It is believed that the venom of these insects has a powerful tonic and vasodilator effect, and also helps to reduce harmful cholesterol and increases the level of hemoglobin in the body.
The main component of bee venom, which promotes vasodilation and increased blood flow to the penis, is called mellitin.Of course, this method has many contraindications for use, as well as possible side effects, not to mention the difficulties in execution. Nevertheless, in addition to the actual bee venom, other beekeeping products used internally also have a beneficial effect in the matter of enlarging the penis and improving the male body. Among them are:
Perga - pollen of plants collected by a honey bee and laid in a honeycomb; is a protein feed for bees. Contains the maximum amount of amino acids, fatty acids, arginine and vitamins of groups E, D, P and C, which are indispensable for those who seek to increase the size of the penis.Royal jelly - allows you to normalize metabolism, has bactericidal properties, contains amino acids necessary for the body, vitamins B1, B12; improves blood circulation in the genital area and accelerates the growth of the penis.Bee podmore - consists of such components useful for the male body as: drone milk, bee venom, wax, honey, pollen, propolis and chitosan in a low molecular weight formula. Ointments and other preparations based on this substance can restore sexual function and get rid of problems with the prostate gland. Podmore bee also acts as an excellent prophylactic agent for men.In general, with regard to bee products, we do not recommend using the apitoxin therapy technique in order to enlarge the penis - it should be carried out only under the supervision of a professional and in the absence of contraindications, of which there are many for this procedure. Of course, some risk using bee stings as a substitute for vascular penis enlargement techniques; however, this technique is quite traumatic and can cause not only damage to the penis, but also serious allergic reactions, including life-threatening ones - we are talking about Quincke's edema. In addition, it is worth remembering that the volume obtained during a bee sting will disappear along with the resorption of the poison, which will happen rather quickly.
For independent use, we advise you to pay attention to other products of this industry, intended for oral administration.PENIS ENLARGEMENT WITH VASELINEFrom relatively harmless folk recipes - decoctions and compresses for penis enlargement, we are moving on to more radical, invasive techniques. One of them is the injection of petroleum jelly into the shaft of the penis to increase its parameters. This is a rather old and artisanal technique that has become widespread in places of deprivation of liberty.
In addition to pain and other unpleasant sensations during the procedure itself, this method is considered dangerous in terms of complications. Medical experts strongly advise against injecting petroleum jelly under the skin in order to enlarge the penis.
The technology of such a procedure is as follows:As far as possible, it is necessary to comply with the conditions of sterility and disinfection - carefully treat the instruments and the member itself with antibacterial agents;Further, disposable syringes run out of about 20-30 cubes of petroleum jelly;Then, the phallus is pulled at the root with a tourniquet;Further, the drug is injected into the shaft of the penis; at the same time, it is necessary to distribute the substance as evenly as possible;After the procedure, the skin surfaces are treated with potassium permanganate.As we have already noted, this procedure is considered dangerous and unhealthy - petroleum jelly is perceived by the body as a foreign body and is rejected, which contributes to the development of infection, tumors, allergic reactions, including Quincke's edema. We strongly discourage trying this option; instead, we advise you to pay attention to manual techniques for stretching the tissues of the penis - for example, jelqing.
LAUNDRY SOAPAnother folk remedy for penis enlargement is ordinary laundry soap. The essence of the method lies in the fact that with a piece of such soap, you need to carefully rub the genitals and the shaft of the penis, with the exception of the head area. The resulting foam must be left for 20 minutes, and when it hardens, wash it off with warm water. This procedure must be repeated 2-3 times a week.In general, using laundry soap for penis enlargement seems like a rather dubious method. Instead of these experiments, we advise you to purchase special means of external action - for example, gels or sprays for penis enlargement.
PENIS ENLARGEMENT LEECHESAs you know, leeches stick to biologically active points of the body - the very ones that are exposed to needles during Chinese acupuncture techniques. This allows you to improve the work of blood vessels and increase blood flow to the genitals.Some of the advanced users in the matter of penis enlargement use leeches in conjunction with wearing an extender. This technique is considered to be quite effective in increasing the tunica albuginea of the tissues of the penis. In addition, the use of leeches allows you to restore potency.If you do not experience strong unpleasant sensations at the thought of such a popular method of penis enlargement, we recommend trying it.
PENIS ENLARGEMENT WITH VASELINEYou can enlarge the penis with petroleum jelly. Despite the simplicity of this method, it is not widely used.First, the procedure itself is unpleasant. The member is pulled at the base. Then, using a syringe, petroleum jelly is injected under the skin of the penis.Secondly, the procedure should be carried out by a medical professional with extensive experience - if the petroleum jelly is unevenly distributed, this can lead to injury.Doctors do not recommend using this method for penis enlargement. He is dangerous ׃getting under the skin, any foreign body can cause an infection or provoke the formation of a tumor;pathogens can enter the blood;petroleum jelly can contribute to allergic reactions.All of the above factors can lead to serious complications not only with potency, but also with health.
HOW TO ENLARGE THE PENIS WITH IODINEMany risky men wonder whether iodine can enlarge the penis. On the Internet, it is easy to find on various "intimate forums" advice on increasing the size of the penis with iodine. However, we can state with full responsibility -iodine is not suitable for penis enlargement. . . It's a delusioncan cause serious injury and burngenital organ. Of course, the iodine mesh will cause a rush of blood and the penis will grow in size. However, the resulting burn will force you to abandon intimacy within a month.
Attention! From improvised means, the penis can be enlarged with soda. On this page you can read all the details about penis enlargement with soda.HOW STRETCHING IS DONEThe technique for stretching the tissues of the penis to enlarge it is somewhat similar to the process of stretching the elastic band. Such training allows you to increase the length of the penis, as well as increase its hardness.It is necessary to start with gentle, slow movements, with not strong pressure. This will allow the phallus to get used to the stress created in order to then make them more intense.How to do:Starting position - lying or standing; the level of erection should be minimal - up to forty percent;Pre-warm your penis;Make an annular grip anywhere other than the head;Gently pull the penis forward and hold it there for about 30 seconds;In order to restore blood circulation, do several sets of Kegel exercises;Then the manipulations must be repeated, changing the direction of elongation of the penis - left, right and up;In each direction, you must perform two approaches within 5 minutes. For beginners, it is recommended to complete one approach for 30 seconds, and over the next month, gradually increase the time to one and a half minutes.Use latex gloves and baby powder or talcum powder in case you are having trouble making a proper grip on the ring shape.
JAI STRETCH: A BEGINNER'S TECHNIQUEA light technique for stretching the tissues of the penis. It can be done from time to time; as a rule, it does not involve a lot of movement. If you have free time, you can perform 20-30 jai movements per day.We advise you to use this technique as a gentle warm-up before other manipulations.How to do the jai stretch correctly:To begin with, achieve a weak erection level - also, up to 40%;Applying light pressure, gently pull the shaft of the penis forward and hold it in this position for no more than 2 seconds;For the same period of time, loosen the grip;Perform several of these movements.MAXIMUM TRACTIONWhen performing this technique, you must use both hands.
The procedure is carried out as follows:With your right hand, you need to create a ring-shaped grip and position it in front of the head; with the help of this grip, it is necessary to constantly pull the trunk of the penis forward;A similar grip on the left hand is located at the base of the penis; it must be carefully guided to the head of the penis;After making 10-15 similar movements, change hands;Then switch to using a reverse ring grip;This technique can be performed both dry and using a lubricant.COMPRESSION TECHNIQUEThis is the method for advanced users. When it is performed, excitation at the level of 60 - 90% is permissible.
You need to do the exercises as follows:The right hand with a straight, ring-shaped grip is positioned at the base of the penis; with its help it is necessary to pull the skin back;Reverse the ring-shaped grip of the left hand and move it in the direction from the right hand to the head of the penis, applying strong pressure;Having made 10 such movements, slightly loosen the grip of the right hand to catch more fresh blood in the tissue of the penis;Do some Kegel exercises to improve circulation.STICK TECHNIQUEThis method is performed using a special device called power-jelq. It can be purchased from the online store. This device is a stick with a special skin-friendly coating and bearings. With their help, more intense pressure is exerted on the shaft of the penis. However, care must be taken not to injure the tissue.
The technique is as follows:The sticks must be placed horizontally, parallel to each other, so that the penis is between them;Within 3 seconds, you need to lead these sticks from the base of the penis to its head;Then it is necessary to change the position of these sticks to vertical, also parallel, and repeat the previous movements.This type of jelqing will allow, to a greater extent, to increase the girth of the penis.
HOW TO ENLARGE THE PENIS WITH TOOTHPASTEThe method of enlarging the penis with toothpaste is suitable only for those who like to experiment with their health, completely without thinking about the consequences. The toothpaste is applied to the head. Various additives begin to pinch her, ensuring blood flow.Important!The paste can get under the foreskin or into the urinary canal, and this will cause undesirable consequences.It is better not to use this method, but turn to safer methods.Read better here how to enlarge a man's penis without harm to health!
GINGER FOR PENIS ENLARGEMENTGinger helps to solve problems with potency, increases male strength, increases blood circulation and testosterone levels. Taking ginger tincture provides a longer lasting effect, however, it manifests itself over time. Preparation ׃the peeled root is finely chopped;place the pieces in a thermos;half a lemon is placed there;the ingredients are poured over with water and infused overnight.You can diversify the recipe with honey, spices, lemon balm, spices or mint.
WHAT IS JELQING?The jelqing program (abbreviated as jelq) was developed by the Sudanese Arabs who, like no one else, cared about a quality "life in bed". The technique itself can be described as "cock milking. "This formulation appeared for a reason, because the exercises have characteristic movements, imitating milking. Thanks to this approach, you can increase the penis not only in length, but also significantly affect the volume of the phallus.
Previously, jelq was used to prepare young men for adulthood. Oddly enough, but the program was used primarily in order to control your body, develop endurance to fully satisfy the partner, but as a bonus, the technique used helped to increase the penis at times.It is for this reason that many men try to fully master jelq, because with the correct application of the technique, you can become a real sexual giant and a "tamer" of women in bed.
woman admires cock sizeSuch self-massage is not a panacea for all male "troubles" and you may not see stunning results. But if massage is done correctly and regularly for 3-4 months, then you can achieve an increase in the phallus by 1-2 centimeters, and in individual cases even more.Today jelqing is enjoying unprecedented success. Aaron Kemmer has released a topical book on how to enlarge your penis through jelq. His manual has become popular among the stronger sex in many countries. He perfected the technique of the Arabs and introduced many topical exercises for penis enlargement and male strength.
HARM AND POSSIBLE RISKSLike any manual penis enlargement technique, jelqing can also lead to unpleasant consequences. As a rule, this happens when the rules are not followed and a thoughtless approach to implementation.These side effects include:Damage to the dorsal nerve when too heavy a load is applied.Damage to the capillaries, manifested in the form of small reddish spots and dots. It usually goes away in a couple of days. To reduce the risk of capillary damage, we recommend not neglecting the pre-heating of the organ.Extensive bruising - indicates damage to a large vessel. In this case, it is necessary to take a break for several days and perform massage on a heated phallus.Black dots - indicate an insufficient amount of lubricant when performing wet techniques. They pass on their own.Spots in the head area. A sign of excessive accumulation of blood in this area. It is also necessary to take a break of several days and perform a massage.
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